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Natal Cleft
Death Metal Melodic

Natal Cleft's  album ‘PARTICLES OF HATE' thru Sliptrick Records(Europe).Our album is the album of the year by Metal Pedia(see attached),international media based in Mexico.

Natal Cleft was spawned at the University of the Philippines in Cebu City and play technical progressive death metal with a unique spin on the genre.

Natal Cleft's international exposure started when we made it to top 1 in metal charts worldwide at Signmeto Roadrunner Records. The label described Natal Cleft as "Some seriously evil shit from the Philippines." We have been featured in international tv networks, magazines, radio and web stations.

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Karl Sanders(Nile): "Very cool and unique! Loved it! Keep up the great brutal work my friend. I am looking forward to hearing more of your amazing brutality."


John McEntee(Incantation): “Sound sick. It is great to see you guys kicking ass.”


Paul Allender(former Cradle of Filth): "Pleasure my brothers! Great tunes and the world needs to hear you guys."


Marcel Verdurmen(Altar): Great fucking death metal! Awesome vocals! Outstanding band!"


Ola Englund(Solar Guitars owner/The Haunted): "I checked some of your songs and it sounds killer."


Kieran Scott(Ashen Crown/Grimorte): "You guys deserve to be known! This is good shit!"


Philippe Tyrant Boucher(Beyond Creation): "Sick stuff!"


We hope you enjoy and hope to hear from you soon!


Track List:

1. Asbestos Flagon

2. Ricin

3. Deceit

4. The Courtezan 

5. Paradise

6. Particles Of Hate

7. Tortured Heaven



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