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Discover the Beauty and Wisdom of Pashto Poetry with These Free Pdf Books

It's not known when Shah Ghazi Muhammad Ratan Khan was born but it is believed that he was born in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. The name Ratan or Ratan Khan was adopted to Shah Ghazi Khan Ratan Khan aka Khushal Khan Khattak who wrote to the people of Khyber Agency in the language of the tribes and mountains. Khushal Khan Khattak was a poet, folklorist, linguist and also a historian. He belonged to a noble family of the Khattak tribe. He was born in 1835 in the town of Mohallah Kandahar in Killa Abdullah, District Khyber Agency and died in 1922 at Tarakzai Cantonment, Peshawar. He is considered the grandfather of Pashto poetry.

Pashto Poetry Books Pdf Free Download

Newly translated by Naseer Ahmad Khattak and edited by the School of Pashto Studies at the University of Peshawar. The book has forty-nine hitherto unpublished Urdu ghazals written by Shah Ghazi Muhammad Ratan Khan. A large section of the collection covers Persian ghazals as translated by Shah Ghazi Muhammad Ratan Khan. Besides the Urdu language, the collection includes a number of previously unpublished Persian poetry fragments. This volume is useful to those who want to know about the poetry of Khushal Khan Khattak. The Pashto language contains over a hundred tales and the collection also contains a well-written tale based on an actual event which is quite unique and different from the traditional Pashtun culture. The book is a very informative and enjoyable reading.

Although the word "Pashto" doesn't exist in the Pashto language, the name "Pashto" is generally used to refer to the Pashto language, culture, dialects, and literature. "Pashtun" is used to refer to the Pashtun people and ethnic groups of South and Central Asia. Today Pashto is spoken by over 70 million people and the culture is present on every continent. Most of the population speak the Pashto dialect of the Pakistani language. The culture of Pashtuns includes the Pashtun diaspora (also known as Pashtuns outside of Pakistan) which includes people from Afghanistan, India, and other countries.


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