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ONE HOUR Of Amazing Ocean Moments | BBC Earth

There are also other, usually less destructive tsunami waves caused by weather systems called meteotsunamis. These tsunami waves have similar characteristics to the classical earthquake driven tsunamis described above, however they are typically much smaller and focused along smaller regions of the oceans or even Great Lakes. Meteotsunamis are often caused by fast moving storm systems and have been measured in several cases at over 6 feet (2 meters) high. A 2019 study found that smaller meteotsunami waves strike the east coast of the U.S. more than twenty times a year!

ONE HOUR Of Amazing Ocean Moments | BBC Earth

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You probably know that the majority of our planet's surface is covered by bodies of water. (Specifically: It's a hair shy of 71%.) What you might not have heard, though, is that sea waves can move at hundreds of miles per hour. Or that the ocean's depths are home to millions of tons of gold. Or that scientists have more detailed, more extensive maps of Mars than they do of our own oceans. Yes, as deep as our planet's oceans are physically, they're deeper still when it comes to mystery and fascination. The following little-known facts about the ocean are sure to blow you out of the water. 041b061a72


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