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The band members have all collaborated and toured with a veritable treasure trove of famous bands and artists such as Bernie's Lounge, Mdungu, Alison Hinds, New York Ska Jazz Ensamble, Damian Marley, Aswad, ZZ-Top, Gyptian, Ali B, Laberinto, Rude & The High Notes, Jandino, Tasha's World, Mr. Review, Mark Foggo, Maikal X, Ziggi Recado, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation, Osdorp Posse, Black Uhuru, Sugar Minott, Mutabaruka, The Beatbusters, the Toasters and the list go on... 
In short an International team of top musicians collaborating to perfect fresh and unique sound.
In 2015 the band won a Akademy Award in the USA for the best World Beat Album 2015 and goes on tour to Japan, Korea, Germany, England, Scotland, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and West-Indies.
The Band looks unstoppable!